Are You Settling for Good Enough in Your Relationship, Or Worse?

Who says you can’t have a GREAT relationship?  Studies show it is less about who you are married to then it is about the skills and attitudes you bring to your relationship.  The good news is skills and attitudes can be improved, and we can help…
Popular culture tells us the secret of building an amazing couple is to find the right person.  When you say “I Do” the hard work is over and Love will take care of the rest.  You set off down the aisle toward your very own “Happily Ever After”.  Tragically more than half the time it is not forever, and the more often we walk down that aisle the worse, not better, the odds get.   On a potentially more disturbing note, in a recent survey nearly 3 out of 4 men and women surveyed, married over 5 years, said they would not marry the same person again.


So what’s going on here?  At Coupling with Awareness we are NOT down on the idea of marriage and commitment, far from it!  We believe what is lacking for most people is knowledge, skills, and the commitment to do the hard work that reaps the rewards of lifelong happiness.  Not only that, we believe that if you really live these principles, if you commit to holding your relationship sacred, if you make it a point to never stop working on your relationship, the reward is the kind of partnership most people only dream of.  We’re talking about the real life version of the Hollywood fairytale ending.  Finding the right person, for the right reasons, is an important first step.   It lays the foundation for a great relationship, but it is awareness, communication, commitment, patience, acceptance, AND love that build the rest.


There are plenty of counselors, clergy, psychologists, and other helping professionals that specialize in working with couples in crisis (we can even recommend some outstanding ones).  We consciously chose NOT to make that our focus.  Our focus is on helping couples with good, or “good enough”, relationships co-create GREAT relationships.


The fact is that most of us have had little or no training on how to have a successful relationship.  What knowledge, perceptions, and expectations we have come mostly from observing our parents and other early formative relationships.  The GREAT news is that it is never too late to learn.  We help you practice Awareness in your relationship.  Awareness, as in, “to have full consciousness of knowledge gained through one’s own perceptions or by means of information”.  We help you learn about each other, and yourself at a deeper level than most couples ever reach. We help you learn skills to communicate with a depth and intimacy you may never have known.  We share simple daily strategies for nourishing your relationship, help you see the everyday challenges of a relationship in a new and clearer light.  One that will allow you to understand the deeper currents below the obvious surface most people perceive.


Explore the information below to learn more about the different ways we work with clients and scroll down further to learn more about relationship coaching and about the Loving with Awareness philosophy. We can achieve meaningful results working with only one of the partners, and this is often how we start working with clients.  However, the most transformative results are unlocked when both partners commit to the process of their own volition.  Sometimes it takes one brave partner to pick up the lamp first, and show the way before the other can CHOOSE to follow.


While you are at it check out our FREE information and offers for new clients, like our FREE Dancing in the Whirlwind of Life e-course to the left. Why the FREE offers, because we believe the best way to learn how Coupling with Awareness is different is to sample it for yourself!

What is Relationship Coaching?

Why would you want to engage a coach?  How can they help you find and keep love?  How does this differ from therapy?

The first question we often get is “What is Coaching?  Is it like Therapy?”

The short answer is No, while both are very valuable in helping you move past roadblocks in your life they get there a very different way.  Where therapy is a bit like going to the doctor, coaching is more like engaging a personal trainer.  The coach sees the client as a healthy and powerful individual who, when presented with the right information and accountability, is capable of achieving their own goals.  The coach is not there to “fix” the client.  They are there to support the client to achieve their own success.  For a longer explanation of therapy vs. coaching click here to visit our FAQ


So what is “Relationship Coaching”?  In short, it’s a collaborative process. I help you define, speak out loud, and strategically move toward achieving what you really want in life.  I will help you find success as you define it – and deserve it!


At times we all need encouragement, someone to help us move through our stuff and see our true selves. Imagine you are walking along a path in the dark, stumbling your way to a destination only partially aware. Then imagine seeing a person along the path who hands you a lamp. This person is your coach, and the lamp is the tool with which to see. It is up to you to put oil in the lamp and to light it.


This lamp is yours to treasure, for inevitably, there will be times when the path seems dark and once again, you can pick up the lamp, fill it with oil and light it. And if you ever forget where you put it, a coach will help you find it. The lamp belongs to you, take it, use it, treasure it!


For more information on coaching click here or try one of our free tools like the Art and Science of Love e-Course or the Relationship Readiness Assessment to the right to get an idea what relationship coaching is about.


Why Work With Us?

What Called Us to Do This?  What Experience Do We Bring?  What Kind Of People Do We Work With?

In short you should work with us because we believe passionately that everyone deserves to find a fulfilling nourishing love relationship that lasts a lifetime.  They just lack the skills to maximize the chances of finding that relationship.


You can learn more about us in our bio pages but in short after previous failed marriages both of us resolved to do something different and set out to do the work to figure out who we really were and what we really needed in a partner.  It took a great deal of hard work and some trial and error to come to the principles that led us to where we are today.  We didn’t have the benefit of a coach to teach us or hold us accountable so we gathered the wisdom, knowledge, and skills ourselves from many sources.  The end result was well worth the effort.


We are not therapists, psychologists, or counselors.  We both left successful careers in the Information Technology corporate world because we felt compelled to make a difference in people’s lives; to share our experience and hard won lessons with others and show people a better way.


We work with all kinds of clients without prejudice.  We believe that people of every age, race, spiritual belief, and orientation deserve to find the love of their lives.  We believe they deserve to find the person who can help them find true joy and peace; the person who will challenge and support them in finding their highest human and spiritual potential.  It is our blessing to be able to help set our clients on a path to find that future and that is what calls us to this practice.


To learn more about Loving with Awareness click here

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