Finding Moments to Breathe With Awareness

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breathe (Photo credit: greeneydmantis)


In our busy lives of juggling multiple responsibilities, taking the time to stop, focus and breathe may seem like a luxury.




When you read that, what did you tell yourself? Getting out a yoga mat, putting on an Om cd and finding a quiet spot for any amount of time might not be in your immediate future, yet there are times throughout the day to practice Breathing With Awareness. It’s as simple as focusing on your breath and following it. Breathe in deeply, Hold, Breathe out Completely and Hold, Repeat. Try it now. Just seven deep breathing cycles (a complete breath in and out) provides for relaxation and will settle nerves.



Try this when you are driving, in the shower, during bathroom breaks, during workouts or preparing your meals. Think of how many times a day that you are alone (or mostly alone) and might incorporate mindful breathing. I’m sure you can think of several more unique to you.


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