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Who is Loving With Awareness?

Get to know us…  Who we are, what called us to this path, and why we are so passionate about what we do!
Loving with Awareness is a Relationship Coaching practice headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and serving clients worldwide. We are dedicated to the belief that we can achieve our highest joy and reach our greatest potential in partnership with a mate who nurtures us, supports us and provides a safe space in which we can grow.  We believe that through awareness of ourselves, as well as our partner, we can co-create a relationship of our dreams.  We believe the power to do this is within us all, waiting for the skills and knowledge to unlock it.  We believe most of us are inherently healthy and may have simply wandered or been distracted off the path to our greatest potential through lack of awareness.


We are not therapists, psychologists, or counselors.  We are not in the practice of examining our client’s childhood or trying to “fix” them.  We are coaches in our client’s own journey to self-discovery and awareness.  We provide knowledge, tools, accountability, and sometimes ask hard and powerful questions of our clients.  Coaching is not for everyone, because a coaching client is not a passive participant.  You must be prepared to do the work which results in growth and change.  We will not tell you the destination, or even give you the map.  We will work with you to identify YOUR destination and help you draw YOUR own map.


We provide our coaching through many forms and mediums.  We provide 1 to 1 and Group Coaching both face to face and by video or teleconference.  We provide seminars, retreats, and workshops both in person and via the Internet.  We have an online learning center where you can learn about Loving with Awareness at your own pace and still have a coach available to speak with when you need them.  We even offer a selection of products and services, both directly and through arrangement with Amazon.com, that support our philosophy and mission.


We welcome you to explore our site.  While we do provide most of our services at a fee, we are passionate about ensuring everyone has the ability to learn Loving with Awareness. As such, you will find many free courses, e-books, and other resources throughout our site at no cost or obligation.  We also encourage you to subscribe to our blog as we update it often with free information and observations to support you in learning Loving with Awareness.  You may also want to join the Loving with Awareness online community to interact with others who have chosen to take this journey.


We bid you welcome, and hope to get to know you better in the years to come.  If you have questions we invite you to ask them here.


Yours in Love,


Tracy and Bryan

About Us

Who is behind Loving With Awareness?

The Loving with Awareness concept was born from a synthesis of many combined years of classes, self-study, and application to gain self-awareness and create better and more fulfilling relationships. This came as much from our teachers as from ourselves, from some good choices and not so choices and from watching others in relationships who truly love their partners, yet the walls are so formidable, they just stop trying to break them down. After both previous marriages failed, we made a vow from that moment forward to create a different and better relationship entity.  Making the decision to create a relationship based on awareness is…




tracy-headshotFrom unaware and married in Corporate America to divorced, stressed out and burnt out, my life needed transforming. The failure of my first marriage was the trigger which began that transformation. Determined to make better choices, I embarked on a journey of self-awareness. With the calling to do service in a measurable, tangible way, I left the corporate world behind, and embraced a new career in Massage Therapy and Energy Healing. This shift in perspective afforded me the time and energy to develop compassion and empathy for my fellow beings.


I spent the next sixteen years engaged in an intensive quest for self-knowledge and self-awareness. I studied wisdom both within myself and from many wise teachers. Committed to making better choices in my life and intimate relationships, while not repeating past mistakes, I chose to stay single until I discovered and assimilated the knowledge that would let me co-create the loving relationship which I craved. I finally allowed myself to enter into a loving, passionate, stable relationship when I met my now husband, Bryan. While I would not trade anything for the wisdom I gained during those sixteen years, I realize many people, given that much time, would have given up on or settled for a mediocre relationship out of desperation, loneliness, or fear. Feeling called to help others reach a deeper place of awareness much more quickly; I begin studying to be a certified relationship coach in 2012. It is my passion to help others achieve in months what took 16 long years for me!


As a recent graduate of Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI), I combine the tools of coaching with the wisdom gained from life experience and years of spiritual study. With training in Toltec Wisdom under Don Miguel Ruiz, Yoga’s 8 fold path and Buddhism’s Five Virtues under Master Choa Kok Sui, I have synthesized into an insightful, dynamic coach. I’m an intuitive, energy worker, coach, teacher, lover, wife, partner, friend, pragmatist, nature enthusiast, dancer, adventurer, wonderer, world traveler and . . .


Tracy Holds the Following Coaching Related Professional Certifications:

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BG_Avatar_250I was born at Purdue University in Lafayette Indiana, but quickly became the southern most branch of our family when my Father was offered a position as a professor of psychology at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. I grew up in the post civil rights era in the epicenter of the old south raised by two progressive minded academics. Given that it is no surprise that I grew up with an open mind, a thirst for knowledge and a genuine love and appreciation for people.

When I was 10 years old my parents divorced and took very different paths. My father left the academic world to found his own computer business and my mother pursued her masters degree and moved back to Wisconsin to be closer to her family, eventually getting her nursing degree as well.  I have always thought this split reflects the two sides of me very well. I have a sound business mind and an entrepreneur’s drive to build things and make an impact. I also have a caring heart and am drawn to people, their stories, and making an impact on people’s lives.


In 2009, at the pinnacle of my career as a successful CEO of a $40 million technology company my personal life came crashing down around me when my marriage crumbled under the strain of too little communication and awareness. I realized that despite my success in the business world I had made so many of the choices in my personal life without awareness of my own motivations and without conscious intention. This revelation started a 3 year journey of self-discovery which culminated in me walking away from the corporate world to pursue a calling helping others find the kind of awareness that had changed my own direction. Awareness of themselves, the path they are called to, and what it takes to attract and maintain a life-long love of their lives.

I realized that what I cared most about in my life as a business owner and CEO was not profit, but coaching and developing the people around me. What I had been most passionate about was helping each person to find their unique maximum potential that allowed them to fully utilize their own unique gifts while minimizing the impact of the weak areas we all have. This passion translated readily to this new path I felt called to walk as a Professional Coach.


My history gives me a unique ability to communicate and work effectively with business owners, leaders, and others who walk the same path I once walked. I am practical and solutions oriented, and I recognize the demands that ownership or leadership puts on individuals and their families.


After much soul searching and self-discovery I was ready to attract a very different life partner into my life. I found my own soul-mate Tracy along this journey and she had a very different and yet equally deep transformational story of her own. Together we founded Loving with Awareness to further our shared mission to provide a lamp to others who are still walking in the dark.


I still reside in Birmingham with my loving wife Tracy and three very fluffy “children with claws”



Bryan Holds the Following Coaching Related Professional Certifications:

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Bryan is also the founder of:

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